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Teaching weeks

For over 12 years, the career services department organizes twice a year (in May and in October) “special teaching weeks” which involve conferences/meetings with companies. Speakers come to talk about their projects, emerging technologies, applications and technological uses in a functional context.

These presentations last 2 hours and are truly added value for students, who benefit from precious information from the main actors in the IT market.

Contributing to building students’ career plans

This cycle aims at helping students define their career plans and set up an approach to reach their goal.

Students start thinking about their career plans in the first years of the Bachelor cycle. We believe it is essential that each student defines his/her career plan. This guarantees that they will choose their internship and later on their job with a clear objective and the means to reach it.

In the 3rd year of the Bachelor cycle, a whole week is dedicated to this with the help of former students, companies and certain professional bodies, who give a clear overview of jobs, career prospects and a few tips to be successful.

In addition to global conferences on recruitment and recruitment steps (resume, cover letter, specialized sites, job interviews, etc.), students are given presentations on “what former students did next”, which they often find fascinating, as they are able to get a glimpse of their predecessors’ jobs in various environments. On this occasion, they also meet former students who chose to start a business or work as freelancers.

At the end of the week, each student writes a report on their career plans.

In the final year of the Master’s Programs, other meetings are organized to draw conclusions from the various experiences gained (internships, projects...) and help specify what kind of final year internship students want (in 70% of cases, the final internship leads to a proper job).

Resume workshops and mock interviews

Once students have defined their career plan, they need to work on their resume and make sure that this resume, as well as their attitude during a job interview, will be convincing for the recruiting officer from the company they want to apply to.

Thanks to company recruitment officers, students benefit from a 30-minute “mock” interview and get feedback.

Most interviews are carried out in English to meet the demands of students wishing to do their internship abroad, both because it is a great opportunity and because it is a requirement set by the school.