La recherche & innovation au sein de l'EPITA

System Laboratory at EPITA (LSE)

The LSE is EPITA's systems and security laboratory.
Founded in 1999 with the desire to demonstrate EPITA's expertise in the computer security arena, the LSE fast turned to a two-fold orientation in security and systems, as the later stands both as complementary and undissociable of the latter.

LSE gathers students who wish to specialize in one of the following area:


  • Creation and design of operating systems
  • Peripheral development
  • Systems and networks programming
  • Network and software security



LSE weaved a network of industrial partners with which it develops its applied research. LSE's academic research efforts are rather sporadic (i.e. participation in SECI Tunis 02 or Worldcomp 06 both in partnership with LERIA).


Large projects conducted to this day are:

  • LSE/OS: first experience in creation and design of operating systems
  • Kaneton: strengthened by the LSE/OS
  • Camtrace: developed for Axix&Agix
  • Lite net PC: developed for Qualistem
  • StormShield: lead product of Skyrecon
  • Logica/LogiTLA: in partnership with and for RATP