Epita Summer School


EPITA believes that international communication is a true competency that needs to be acquired through dedicated study.

Therefore, our team has created a complete Cultural Integration Program led by our multicultural experts. This program is launched by a day of Orientation during which you not only meet your classmates and gather informative program related information but also discover the campus and the breadth of the experience you are starting.

The integration program includes a series of workshops, French language courses and cultural events all catering to cementing your first immersion. Furthermore, international students attend our Team Building & Getting Over the Cultural Shock seminar designed to insure students a stable insertion within their new communities.

Team building & Getting over Culture Shock

  • Integrating well with the other Summer School students
  • Using your stay in France as an example about how to adapt to a new culture

French survival course

  • Be able to interact with French people during your stay
  • Discovering French culture and civilization

Discover EPITA Summer School, it is also discover Paris, a unique city throughout Europe :