Epita Summer School


How do you apply to EPITA’s International Summer School?

Follow our step by step application checklist:

  • Complete the online application form and add your picture
  • Provide an official certificate stating you are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s program (at least).
  • Provide your Transcripts of records (in French or English and/or certified translation).
  • Upload a Copy of your passport.
  • Pay the 60€ application fee online or via bank transfer (write to us at if you opt to redeem the application fee by wire transfer).

From being a qualified applicant to becoming a Summer School student

  • Application Form Received
    After receiving your application form, our team checks for completion. We recommend an online application for the quickest processing.
  • Admissions' Committee Deliberation
    At this stage selected applicants receive their Offer Letter, which invites them to join EPITA.
  • Acceptance of Offer
    The offer letter includes an acceptance deadline by which each accepted candidate must confirm enrolment.
  • Deposit Payment & Financial Support
    Upon committing to attend EPITA, students redeem their deposit by wiring the total amount of the Summer courses chosen to the school's account and send our office their bank statement.
  • Enrolment Confirmation Certificate
    Once our Accounting Office receives the student's deposit, our office issues the Enrolment Confirmation Certificate securing the student's spot and providing information for visa issuance purposes.
  • Visa application
    Each student is responsible for contacting the local French Embassy or Consulate to inquire about the up to date student visa procedures. Note that some countries do not require a visa for a stay less than 90 days (Lien hypertexte vers la rubrique Visa Information).