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Living in Paris

Facilities around campus

STUDAPART : A housing platform reserved for our EPITA’s students

You are a future international student of EPITA, use the school's platform on which you will be able to find:

  • a rental close to the campus
  • your international or French roommate(s) and form shared rentals
  • a subletting
  • a room in a French family (ideal for the experience)

Thousands of accommodations from private owners, halls of residence, real estate agencies, or rooms in private homes, are available close to the school.

Already Students?

Sign-in using your Office365 login credentials or click on the housing tab available on your intranet

Candidates ?

Sign-up by clicking on “Student login” then click on “Sign up”. You will receive the enrollment key once enrolled at EPITA.


You can place your ads directly on the platform thanks to the landlord tab.

Real estate agencies, halls of residence?

Contact the person in charge by email at alexandre.ducoeur@studapart.com

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Dining Facilities*

In addition to numerous bakeries, cafés and restaurants, each campus has its own cafeteria serving a variety of dishes. Also, the student card gives access to university restaurants (Kremlin Bicêtre, Cité Universitaire and so on).

  • The cafeterias on EPITA campuses are open every week day (8:00am-5:00pm) and on week-ends during workshops and special events.
  • Breakfast (8:00am-11:00am): €1.90
  • Hot meals (11:00am-5:00pm): between €3.50 and €6.00

* Prices are for information purposes only and are subject to change.

Living Expenses*

living paris expenses

Our staff estimates that budget for a student in Paris is between €850 and €950 per month. Below we have prepared a list of sample prices for you budgetary needs.

  • Housing: an average €550/month (CAF benefits can help offset rent)
  • Restaurant in the city: starting from €10
  • Campus Cafeteria meal: around €5
  • Baguette: €0.85
  • Cinema: between €6 and €9
  • Glass of draft beer: €3.50
  • Gas: around €1.20/liter
  • Public transportation card:
    • Monthly pass: from €54.50 to €70.80
    • Yearly pass (available for students under 26): €286.40 to €397.40

Paris offers a wide variety of markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and specialty shops to suit a wide array of eating preferences.

* Prices are for information purposes only and are subject to change.