Le dynamisme de la vie associative de l'EPITA

International Pack

The EPITA’s International Student Pack includes:

  • Helping the student finding an apartment near the campus and putting her/him in close contact with owners.
  • Airport pick-up.
  • Housing settling down, guidance for signing accommodation contract and surroundings visit.
  • Orientation week that includes help for housing insurance, opening a bank account, registering at the social security, obtaining the resident visa and card, obtaining public transport subscription, buying mobile sim card, campus orientation and visit including a lunch.
  • Assigning a French student as a mentor to help the students integrate.
  • Integration week (once a year), it includes spending 3 nights off campus somewhere in France. The cost of the week including accommodation, transportation, complete board and activities is included in this package.
  • Enrolment fee at EPIWorld for the first year when the student will have the chance to participate in different cultural activities on and off campus.