Le dynamisme de la vie associative de l'EPITA


An unprecedented wealth of dynamic associations !

From the very beginning, the diversity and wealth of our associations have always been strong points at EPITA: art, culture, sports, humanitarian, special event, leisure, technical, media, business...Boasting more than three events per week and bringing together over 80 students on average, associative life is a real source of personal fulfillment for each student at EPITA.

Epita Association Babyfoot

By helping to develop human qualities, organizational skills and solidarity, associative life is a fundamental part of the school's educational program.

These associations allow EPITA students to cultivate their leadership skills, a sense of responsibility, creativity, respect for one another, the possibility to exceed one's own limits, build networks, etc.

Creative associations supported by EPITA!

EPITA plays a pivotal role in helping its students participate in associative life with more than 3,000 m2 in dedicated premises, over 1 million euros a year in "turnover", and a "professional" trade show to help promote these associations.

Epita Association 4L Trophy

EPITA gave itself the means to successfully support the development of its on-campus student clubs' life with amongst other over 3000 m2 dedicated to student clubs & organizations, a yearly revenue superior to 1 million euros and a half day per week focused on student organizations, which acts as a professional fair of students clubs.

Taking on a role of responsibility in an association is challenging: EPITA offers its students a wide range of tools and guides, training programs for association bureau members, educational coaching teams, etc.

As students make a school, EPITA gives free reign to their creativity and spontaneity. And, it works! Here is the proof: over 30% growth and renewal of activities each year and regularly organized new events...

There is something for everyone !

The BDE (Students' Bureau) brings together the school's diverse range of over 35 associations. Hence, our students can enjoy associative life, choosing one or more activities based on their specific tastes. All they have to do is simply select the association of their choice. Students can also develop their own projects and create new associations, with the help and guidance of the school.

Sports associations

  • ASME aims at promoting motor sports among students, whether they are beginners or more advanced, through various events held in France and abroad with all types of motorized vehicles for land or sea.
  • Episport is the campus sports association, which offers a wide range of individual and group activities. When enrolling in Episport, the students receive an official license from the Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire (French University Sports Federation).
Sports associations

  • One4One Obsession aims at bringing together students who enjoy playing paintball.
  • STACK aims at promoting airsoft and other associated activities in the Ionis education group schools.

Cultural and artistic associations

  • Ephemere is the campus photography association for students, helping them to develop their talent and passion for photography
  • Epinavet is an association that projects movies that are so bad they have gained notoriety and cult popularity, as well as other films that have helped shape the school's culture.
Cultural and artistic associations

  • Epitanime is an association that promotes Japanese culture among students and throughout Europe. Our main activities are: karaoke, film projections, drawing, musical video games, retrogaming, VSG Pokemon, TCG cards and game of Go.
  • Epiworld is the international student association at EPITA. The international newcomers are welcomed by French students who organize activities to introduce French culture to our foreign guests (guided visits of Paris, Cheese & Wine tasting evenings, French film projections).
  • Soul of Sound is a music association that provides a rehearsal room for students and their bands.
  • Unisson aims at promoting electronic music and parties, helping to prepare the student festivities on campus throughout the year. It offers 3 categories: CAM (computer-assisted music), MIX/Live, and Scratch.

Media and special event associations

  • Air Radio is the student web radio on campus. Its goal is to create diverse topics for podcasts and live broadcasts, covering current news, the music and geek culture as well as cinematography.
  • Epilog is the student's school newspaper, with the goal of sharing information on a wide range of diverse topics.
>Media and special event associations

  • EPTV is the campus video association. For over 20 years, these video enthusiasts have been making videos about the major events in student life. The association is open to all students and offers training sessions on how to use the equipment and video editing.
  • La Paillote is the student barmen association. Experts in the art of whetting your taste buds and skilled in creating tasty blends, its members offer a wide range of cocktails, from the most classic to the most unique, specially invented just for you!
  • Lateb is an association that aims at promoting high quality beer tasting on campus. It organizes events with a range of activities linked to beer tasting, such as evening buffets, films projections and concerts.
  • Villejuif Nights organizes relaxing evening events for students. You can enjoy an all-nighter in the school's buildings playing cards, singing karaoke, participating in video game tournaments and even eating crepes.

Humanitarian and social associations

  • L'Association EPITA de Développement Durable (EPITA Sustainable Development Association) is a charity association that aims at improving student life on campus as well as helping to develop the educational systems in underprivileged countries.
  • Activ’ is the student lounge on the Kremlin-Bicêtre campus. It is a place where students can come and meet with friends, relax, listen to music, watch their favorite series with others, etc. It also participates in all campus events.
Humanitarian and social associations

Technical and scientific associations

  • EpiMac aims at highlighting Apple technologies, making the special Apple offer available to students on Campus and providing training in Objective-C and Mac OSX.
  • Epirev enables students to discover and learn about the most recent advances in the area of virtual reality through presentations and the development of technical demos and large-scale projects.
Technical and scientific associations
  • Epistar is an association that allows students to discover astronomy, our solar system and the universe.
  • Evolutek is a robotics association, whose main goal is to participate in the “Coupe de France de Robotique”, a robotics competition organized by Planète Sciences. The association is divided into 3 major categories: electronics, mechanics and computing.
  • GConfs is an association that aims at facilitating and even initiating the organization of various conferences for students at EPITA by taking care of all administrative procedures, communications and sharing information.
  • Intrepid is an association that aims at allowing students to carry out personal modding projects, with the voluntary participation of each member.
  • Prologin organizes a contest each year for students ages twenty and under. Their ability to resolve algorithmic problems is put to the test in three stages: selection, semi-finals or regional rounds, and finals.

Business associations

  • Cristal is the business association at EPITA, managed by the school's students, and allowing them to build a network and help finance their studies by working on IT projects for companies.
  • LaCity is a young and dynamic association focused on the economy and finance, presented to its members in easy to understand conferences. It also supports information technology and financial projects, such as the development of an automated trading system.
Business associations

  • ANTRE is an association that organizes special role-playing game events several times a month for students. It aims at promoting our passion on the campus as well as throughout the entire greater Paris region.

Leisure associations

  • Carré d'As aims at promoting Texas Hold’Em Poker by enabling students to discover and learn how to play this game, thanks to weekly poker parties and tournaments.
  • Cycoms aims at promoting electronic sports (e-Sport) in France and on campus. The association organizes contests in the leading electronic sports games.
Leisure associations

  • Epichesss is an association that allows students to learn, practice, and improve their chess game skills. In addition to classes and numerous duals, we also organize contests in which the winners can take home prizes.
  • Strataegycs is an association that promotes strategic card games: Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. This association focuses on these two games, primarily offering evening game events and tournaments. Its main objective is to bring young men and women together in order to improve the image of the digital sector and its job possibilities. The association also hopes to break down the stereotypes and divisions in the industry.