La recherche & innovation au sein de l'EPITA

Research & Development Laboratory

A New Scientific Approach to Manage Complexity

EPITA Research & Development Laboratory LRDE brings together researchers (faculty and engineers), administrative staff, PhD students, post-doc fellows, graduate and undergraduate students and interns. In addition to research and development, the researchers of LRDE are strongly involved in teaching at EPITA.


The two main areas of expertise of the LRDE are:

Image Processing
& Pattern Recognition

  • Image classification
  • Document image analysis
  • Text detection
  • Speaker recognition
  • Automated learning

Automata & Verification

  • Automata theory
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Software design
  • Model Checking
  • Temporal Logic

LRDE’s research has resulted since many years in publications in leading academic conferences and journals and, as a consequence, it contributes to EPITA's reputation in the world of research. The lab is involved in long-term partnerships and collaborations with industrial partners, laboratories, engineering schools, and universities such as Paris VI, Paris XI, Paris-Est or Télécom ParisTech.

...& Development

Research at LRDE is never far from development. Building on its solid scientific production, the laboratory participates in collaborative projects and has industrial contracts. It provides consulting services and innovative solutions based on its different projects in a performant and generic manner:

  • Olena is a generic image processing library written in a static language.
  • Climb is a generic image processing library written in a dynamic language.
  • Vcsn is a finite state machine manipulation platform.
  • Spot focuses on automatic verification of systems through model checking.
  • Speaker ID investigates Machine Learning solutions applied to Speaker Recognition tasks.