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There are many ways to keep in touch with us

EPITA International maintains a low-volume announcement list: this is where we post information about our campus events, corporate relations, international partnerships, student developments and many more.

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EPITA International Master Facebook Page

EPITA International Master Facebook Page

EPITA International Master maintains a Facebook page to closely stay connected with you. You can find us on Facebook at EPITA International Master.

On Facebook we enjoy informal chats with our prospective students, current students, alumni and all of our EPITA Friends. We also use the Facebook page to update people about all the events happening with the International Master at EPITA. However if you wish, you can also contact directly by .

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EPITA International Master Twitter Account

EPITA International Master also maintains a Twitter page here.

The twitter page is updated a bit more often than the mailing list: we don't like to send a huge amount of e-mail.


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We also have an RSS feed here.

Like the Twitter feed the RSS feed is updated a bit more often.