Careers & Titles

Careers in IT are highly diversified and can be practiced in a multitude of different business sectors. They are continuously evolving and it is often difficult to navigate and especially to have an exhaustive list of possible jobs.

Nevertheless, it is possible to group these trades into 7 categories, as defined in the study "IT jobs and trades in large enterprises" of CIGREF (Club of French IT Companies). The professions available right after graduation from EPITA or after some years of experience are:

Monitoring, Organization and Management of Information Systems

These trades globally affect the organizational and functional alignment of IS. Trades below are classified in this family:

  • Consultant in Information Systems
  • Information Systems Architect
  • Head of IT (Trades)
  • Application Manager

Project Management

master IT projet managment

This family includes all trades that drive, monitor and coordinate development, deployment, infrastructure or IT methodologies.

We may find, for example, the following trades in this category after some years of experience:

  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Team Leader

Software Development Process

All trades related to the design, development and technical implementation of projects can be found in this family. These trades are not involved in the organization of IS but constitute the building blocks implemented for IT solutions. These may include:

  • Software Testing Engineer
  • Applications Engineer
  • Software Localization Engineer
  • Technical Writer

Installation and Maintenance of Infrastructure

Master IT installation

The study, design, development, integration and operation of infrastructure are the main activities in trades related to this family. It includes the following trades, among others:

  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Architect

Support, Quality and Security

This family includes all jobs related to the definition, implementation, control and monitoring of standards and quality benchmarks, methodology and safety in line with the governance of the ISD. After a few years of experience, following position can be found under this category:

  • Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)

Operational Management

This family includes all trades in line with hierarchical responsibility in terms of human resources, budget or decision. These trades are accessible after significant experience in the relevant field:

  • Director of Information Systems
  • Head of IT Unit
  • Head of Networks and Telecommunications
  • Operations Manager
  • Research Manager