EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique


At EPITA, school life happens via the network: in-house or outside information, students' accounts, work, leisure. Storage capacity is counted in terabytes, and in-house connections, even between separate buildings, are done with a 3 X 1 Gbps optical fiber connection.


Every day tens of thousands of files are modified, and tens of thousands of messages are exchanged. Students can participate directly in the management of the network and get hands-on practice. In order to always follow the latest technical innovations, a third of the equipment is renewed every year.

The Internet connection at the school runs at 1 Gbps (optical fiber), permitting 2,500 work stations to work simultaneously. All facilities are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The whole campus is WI-FI connected, enabling students to use mobile devices anywhere. In addition, Voice over IP (VoIP) is possible throughout the network.