EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique


Member of IONIS Education Group

EPITA is a member of IONIS Education Group, the largest group of private institutions of higher education in France. Bringing 19 schools together under the same banner, the IONIS Group has nearly 19,000 students in France, and reaches 200,000 students worldwide. A number of facilities and technical resources are shared to increase the means available to each school. We believe that together we are stronger.

Member of CampusFrance

masters graduate school network

EPITA is an active member of the CampusFrance organization, which goal is to “enhance the international visibility of French educational institutions, improve France's ability to attract the best foreign students by guaranteeing them a successful academic itinerary and strengthen its tools for organizing university and research partnerships.”



EPITA is a member of the European Erasmus+ program with partner universities in more than 16 countries. All courses are open to Erasmus international students.

EPITA students who want to take part in these exchange programs go through a selective process based on academic criteria. Once the Deans of Studies have selected the students, the International Office takes care of the mobility process.

Lecturers can also benefit from the Erasmus program and, accordingly, several visiting professors and guest lecturers teach at EPITA in English each year.

Bilateral Partnerships

EPITA has signed numerous bilateral agreements with higher educational institutions and universities abroad to promote cooperation in education and research activities. These partnerships involve students and faculty exchange, internship placements for students and promotion of joint activities in training, research and consultancy.

The Stevens Institute of Technology: a Long Lasting Friendship


EPITA and Stevens Institute of Technology offer a joint Master's program through which students can concurrently pursue EPITA's Graduate Engineering Degree and Stevens' Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) in less time than it would take to earn the degrees independently. Equivalencies of certain courses allow students to earn almost half the credits of the MSIS through the EPITA graduate program. The rest of the credits can be obtained in the United States in one year and upon graduation, students can apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), which can grant them access to full-time paid employment for up to one year.

This double degree is the very concrete result of the strong friendship that has developed between the two institutes over the course of 15 years. The MSIS has been ranked 5th by the American press, just behind a similar degree at Stanford. Located on the banks of the Hudson River, opposite Manhattan, at Hoboken, Stevens is both a major and prestigious American university.

Corporate Experience Abroad

Built around the real needs of the business world, the EPITA curriculum is designed to meet its expectations. From the Improvement Committee and the Scientific Committee, where senior business executives and high-level managers provide their input for improving the school's programs and research focus (IBM, Microsoft, France Télécom, Cisco, Syntec...) to the courses themselves often taught by recognized professionals working in the industry, business is integrated to all levels of the school.

Through these strong corporate partnerships, our Career Services maintain privileged contacts with international companies that lead to internship opportunities for our students.

Our alumni network (more than 15% of our total network) extends to over 40 countries enhancing international opportunities for our current students.

Among those companies hosting our students abroad we can mention: Adobe UK, Google USA, Siemens USA, Siemens India, Thales Australia... The latest destinations for our students include Mexico, China, Singapore, Bahrain, Japan, and Libya.

TOP 10 countries hosting EPITA Alumni

  • 1) USA
  • 2) Canada
  • 3) Switzerland
  • 4) UK
  • 5) Belgium
  • 6) China & Hong-Kong
  • 7) Australia
  • 8) Spain
  • 9) Japan
  • 10) Singapore