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Getting ready

Studying abroad requires some preparation not only in terms of your school application but also in terms of taking the necessary steps to make sure that you are fully ready to go as a prepared departure often insures a comfortable stay.


European Union nationals are entitled to stay in France with their valid EU identification (passport).

getting ready immigration

Non-EU nationals must apply for a long-stay visa before arriving in France and they must check the process with the consular authorities in their home countries as it may depend upon country-specific agreements and are subject to change. CampusFrance centralizes up to date immigration information. Basic documents required at visa application are: a valid passport, purpose of stay statement (registration or pre-registration) and financial statement (resources, housing...). A long-stay visa is mandatory for non-EU nationals to fully register with the state upon arrival.

Health Insurance

EU nationals must have a European Health Insurance card issued by the appropriate authorities of their originating country as well as a photocopy of this document (or the E128 form).

Non-EU nationals will automatically have to join the French social security system upon registration. Complementary health insurance that covers the difference between medical costs incurred and the Social Security reimbursements is not mandatory but recommended. Students over 28 years of age have to follow other guidelines. Further health information is provided after registration is complete and during Welcome week.

Money Matters

France is part of the European Union and uses the Euro as its national currency. Before you depart, we recommend you exchange some Euros to carry with you while traveling. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other major credit card companies are widely used in France. Students staying over three months will need a bank account to redeem automated services. Most banks require: a valid passport, proof of address, and alien registration card (non-EU nationals only) to open a bank account.

Securing Housing

While it can be challenging to secure housing in Paris, our students are quite resourceful and independent and often surprise us with the nice apartments they find for themselves! If you require housing assistance prior to arrival, we invite you to write to us at as soon as you receive your Acceptance Letter in order to initiate the process within our network. Our complimentary housing assistance remains available throughout the program as we believe a good home stands at the foundation of a strong student.

Learning French

getting ready learning french

Following admission and registration, international students are granted a one-year access to our e-learning portal in order to kick start or improve their French language skills and facilitate their integration upon arrival. Additional French lessons and language acquisition enhancement activities are also available once students begin residence.

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