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International Students Guide

This application (available on Google Play)is designed and implemented by the International Master’s students at EPITA and is targeted to all the international students. The application is designed to run offline and to display all information required to guide the International students on their arrival. It includes 5 main divisions: On Campus, Settle in France, Life in Paris, Tourism, and FAQ and it is available in both App Store and Google Play.

In the first division, the students will have the chance to know the staff of the International Office and get their coordinates. They can look on their dynamic schedule of courses, get a copy of the campus map and view online videos that help them fill all the French administrative forms like social security, immigration forms, CAF,… and they can find information concerning the cafeteria and the associations that are available at EPITA.

In the second division, they will find important information regarding residents services, doctors, religious temples and the emergency number in case of urgency.

The third part is dedicated adapting to French way of surviving where the students can view the schedule and means of public transportation, view in details the French food and know the average prices. The application has a very interesting feature is this section: the students can see a pre-translated English/French terms that helps them in their daily interaction with people outside and inside the school- this feature will be shortly available as an audio translation in the next version of the application.

The fourth part is about tourism and students can see a long list of must see places along with the details related to location, access, prices, operating hours. It included more than 20 sites. The last part is the classical FAQ. It points to a library of long list of questions that were already asked to EPITA international staff and a pointer to many section inside the application itself.

Site-map of the application

On Campus

  • Who are we ?
  • Meet the team
  • Courses schedule
  • Campus map
  • How to fill in your forms
  • Students associations and events

Settle in France

  • Residents
  • Services
  • Medicines
  • Emergency numbers
  • Religious places

Life in Paris

  • Public transportation
  • Food & Prices
  • Pre-translated French vocabulary
  • Tourism
  • Religious places

20 touristic places