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Completely open to the outside world, the EPITA Alumni maintains its alumni network throughout the year and caters to the needs and expectations of former students by developing and perpetuating relationships with various partners in the professional field (recruitments firms, IT companies etc.).

EPITA Alumni

The objectives of EPITA Alumni are to perform its tasks better every year, resting on the foundations that already provide sustainability. This even if the field of communication is predominant in the objectives of the EPITA Alumni association, the dialogue with the outside world and in this case with the professional world remains a priority.

The approach we want to implement lies in a closer relationship between the enterprises and the past or future graduates, establishing a professional dialogue between them.


Founded in 1984, EPITA has always wanted to be a school ahead of its competitors. This is seen in the very choice of subjects it teaches its students since its inception. Areas that are represented are at the forefront of technology put into practice in the industry.

The Alumni Association was born with the first graduating class of EPITA in 1989. Since then, each of the graduating classes of the school has integrated with EPITA Alumni and contributed to its development through experiences and particularities of various former students.

The basic tasks of EPITA Alumni since its inception are:

  • Ensure the sustainability of links between alumni,
  • Enable various graduating classes to make the school objectives evolve, in order to demonstrate EPITA's concern to give its students not only the most comprehensive education but also more in line with what is done in the industry and in future,
  • Offer companies preferred means of communication with EPITA alumni,
  • Ensure the principle of communication between the current and future students of EPITA, and the labor market.


EPITA Alumni actions

It is above all the know-how obtained during their studies that the alumni wish to develop the area of communication services or develop relationships that are created during their school career. Like every great school, EPITA Alumni currently have all the assets needed to carry out these services.

The means of communication offered by the EPITA Alumni are:

  • The directory of EPITA Alumni.
  • Thematic conferences.
  • The monthly newsletter for former students and enterprises.
  • The board for school improvement involving corporate and industrial sector of IT.
  • The website of the association that hosts discussion forums etc.
  • Events that are designed to meet the alumni to widen their professional network around a theme dinner or a fun event.

The Organization

The Board consists of 9 members with a renewable term of 3 years, 3 members are elected (or reelected) each year.

The Board of Directors and the office extended for two years:

  • Fanny Bellone, TCOM 98, Treasurer
  • Gaël Roustan, SIGL 08, Secretary General
  • Laurent Castelao, SR 93,
  • Badis Khaldi, I3A 96
  • Vincent Berger, Glg 93
  • Franck Leleu, TCOM 92, President
  • Christophe Berger,CSI 07 Vice-President
  • Stéphane Solier, I3A 93,
  • Gilles Enguehard, Vice President

If you wish to contribute to the alumni association, please contact us.