EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique

International Bachelor

Semesters and modules

Regular course assessment to help students and their families check progress made in terms of knowledge and skills.

The program is split into semesters and into modules, in which subjects may offset one another, as long as a certain minimum grade has been validated. In accordance with the European higher education system (LMD), ECTS credits are awarded and accumulated for each module validated. Each semester is worth 30 credits.

Social skills

Social skills are also given considerable weight and are assessed in terms of associative activities (sports, music, etc.), communication activities and educational relations.

Customized training

The teachers at the school are very much concerned that everyone should be successful in their studies and therefore, tutoring sessions are organized on demand for students who are having trouble coping. Customized training is also available for students encountering methodology issues. Finally, student-to-student tutoring is much appreciated, as older students are able to give advice to and reassure newcomers.