EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique

International Bachelor

Integrated preparatory classes (Year 1 & 2)

Bachelor Year 1 & 2: two years to pick up the fundamental skills of engineering, called preparatory cycle.

As per the tradition of French engineering schools, EPITA begins with integrated preparatory classes (Year 1 & 2).

Inspired by the concept of traditional scientific preparatory classes, EPITA’s prep classes are modern and dynamic and characterized by the students’ shared passion: computing and information technologies.

A customized program for future IT engineers

  • Mathematics, which is essential for IT engineers, is given considerable weight. Physics and electronics are also studied.
  • Computer science (algorithmic, languages, programming, computer architecture, digital electronics) pave the way for the engineering years.
  • Initial projects are already set up to prepare students for engineering activities.
  • English skills, written and spoken skills, general knowledge and economics are developed to complement the basic skills of the future IT engineer. Students are already part of EPITA.

1st year, first projects : Info Sup

During the 1st year, the topic is game design, with game graphics and 3D engines, developed under Windows, Object Pascal, Delphi and/or Caml. Scenarios, graphics and sounds are chosen, then input and output devices are programmed.
Games have to be based on networks and be of near-professional quality. Result: Quake-like, Marble madness-like, Gta-like games.

2nd year : Info Spé

A different environment (Unix, Mac OS, Linux, Palm OS), often with a multi-platform purpose. The 2nd year is no longer about games but about strategy, with notions of Artificial Intelligence.
The result is utility programs (Photoshop-like programs), 3D modeling software (like 3D studio), Winamp-like programs (mpeg3 player) and OCR programs. These are developed using C, C++ or Caml.

In both cases, projects are carried out in groups of 4. The work handed in at the end is of professional quality, burned on a CD with a cover and user guide.

3rd year Bachelor : project culture, openness and customized tracks : ING1

During the 3rd year, students learn the theoretical bases of IT and how to apply them through many projects, so as to be as close to the reality of engineering as possible. In addition to the scientific and technological classes, students learn about business methods and tools: management, law, marketing, communication, strategy, quality, organization, foreign languages...
At the end of the 1st year, students have the skills required to join a company as an intern: understanding and complying with specifications, developing and managing a project, carrying out research and presenting one’s work, etc.

The study structure is consistent with European standards, with studies divided in semesters, the accumulation of learning outcomes and ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation system).