La recherche & innovation au sein de l'EPITA

3IE : IT Innovation Institute of EPITA

A Global Approach for Technologies of the Future

Founded in 1999, IT Innovation Institute of EPITA is an applied research laboratory that conducts studies and provides professional services in advanced IT.


3IE develops and accompanies its clients (large accounts, small & medium companies, start-ups) in implementing cutting edge IT projects for corporations.
Using a technological watch, regular benchmarking and the most up to date tools on the market, 3IE advises its customers on adopting tested technologies and optimizing the diffusion of the methodology while sharing knowledge on the techniques being implemented.

Applied Research

3IE tests and makes available the latest technologies on the market. Member of the Microsoft Partner program and partner of SUN amongst others, 3IE tests the latest beta version of the newest technological evolutions.

With its strong global IT experience, 3IE can merge competencies developed at EPITA in advanced multimedia, telecommunication, systems & networks, mobility, artificial intelligence & information systems to approach new technologies in their complexity.

3IE leads applied research projects to optimize IT processes key to corporations:

  • Collaborative data sharing between split partners : this research concluded into several data exchange projects on mobile tools such as communicating PDAs and telemedicine
  • Optimization of solutions for Ad Hoc mobile networks (a research project shared with France Télécom, Télécom Paris, Thalès and Codetic) with the development of an on-the-ground solution (RNRT Transhumance)
  • Follow-up systems of patients in health networks with ready-to-use medical monitoring charts made available to doctors
  • Development of strategic analysis tools for the study cell in economic strategy: LIPSOR at CNAM.

One of 3IE key projects is available in English here: