EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique

Engineering Masters –
Diplôme d’Ingénieur

2nd year of the engineering master cycle: professional skills and sector-specific expertise

The final year is all about developing applicable professional skills: students choose a job-specific specialization which builds on the major class in 1st year of the Engineering master, they can choose to study towards a double degree (research, international or dual skills) and finally, they carry out a professional internship designed to validate all the skills required to be a young engineer.

Diplôme ingénieur Epita year 2

The job-specific approach consists in developing the students’ expertise in one of the fields of the major courses whilst providing them with real-life professional situations.
Telecom experts will find out about various aspects of consultant, telecom architecture or operating engineer jobs. Real-time system experts will find out more about jobs in aeronautics, production management and energy regulation, etc. FYPC (final-year projects for companies) are also an opportunity to find out more about careers as they consist in carrying out an innovative project under the guidance of both the person in charge of the major class and a supervisor from the company.

Job-specific expertise

They are chosen by the students and build on the technological major courses in 1st year:

  • CERES engineer (Computing Engineering for Real-time and Embedded Systems)
  • MIT engineer (Multimedia and Information Technology)
  • CSAC engineer (Cognitive Science and Advanced Computing)
  • ISSE engineer (Information Systems and Software Engineering
  • SNS engineer (Systems, Networks and Security)
  • TCOM engineer (Telecommunications)