EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique

Engineering Masters –
Diplôme d’Ingénieur

1st year of the engineering master cycle: diversification and customization

The 1st year of the engineering master cycle is characterized by diversification and customization, based on a professional internship in France or abroad and the selection of major and minor subjects and elective courses.

1st semester, IT project internship

It starts with a 5-month technological internship in a company. Students either realize that they chose the right options or they can open up onto new possibilities. The quality of the projects carried out during the internships is unanimously acknowledged by the companies and students are generally very well paid. The internship also enables students to validate a set of skills which helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and build their career plans. Every year, over 25% of EPITA students do their internship abroad.

2nd semester: outlooks and prospects

Building a curriculum

Major subjects, minor subjects and elective courses are chosen according to personal preferences, career plans and feedback (internships and OOT in ING1).

Compulsory cross-disciplinary classes

Business knowledge, engineering science, methods, foreign languages...

One “MAJOR” class

  • MIT (Multimedia and Information Technology)
  • CSAC (Cognitive Science and Advanced Computing)
  • SCI research - (Scientific computing and image)
  • SNS (Systems, Networks and Security)
  • CERES (Computing Engineering for Real-time and Embedded Systems)
  • TCOM (Telecommunications)
  • ISSE (Information Systems and Software Engineering)
  • DSTM (Dual skills in technology and management)

One “MINOR” class

Several elective classes