EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique

Engineering Masters –
Diplôme d’Ingénieur

Projects are first of all teamwork. Then they build on reflection, analysis and management. Finally, projects need to be implemented and programmed.

Programming is a language and EPITA is the country where it is spoken. Our students, future IT engineers, have to master the techniques they will be in charge of implementing. That is the EPITA hallmark. The many core curriculum projects contribute to the objective.

The mythical coding pool

Whether you are powerful or unfortunate, this is about spending two or four weeks immerged in the depths of IT. The aim of the game is to work at a certain rhythm, acquire basic skills and reflexes in programming, learn to be thorough, find out about the constraints of the real world. Senior students supervise, encourage and give advice to newer students.

During the two weeks, the young students reach, and even go beyond, their current potential. These two weeks are almost an initiation. In any case, students learn to make efforts, be perfectionist and professional, and this is what makes them stand out. After all the hard work... the integration seminar, parties and the beginning of a year already characterized by mutual aid.

A coding pool called La Piscine

The bistromatic calculator

The idea is to create a calculator which can work in extreme conditions with numbers of a size which is astronomical and even higher. The project is carried out in pairs and teaches students about the joys of teamwork.
Mistakes are not allowed and strong performance is compulsory. Students discover that you can learn from failing. They also discover that a project is never over and that the best team wins.

The corewar

The aim is simply to write a virtual machine and an assembler by teams of 4. This machine is designed to be the arena where combating programs will compete against each other. The showdown takes place during the notorious corewar night, where the champions come face to face with each other. And, as always at EPITA, efforts are rewarded by a party.

The 42SH

This time, groups are made up of 6 students, who embark on an adventure which lasts several weeks. They will plan, organize and model. The aim is to develop an interpreter (i.e. a command-line interface) between the Unix system and the user. The best performing teams will have demonstrated a solid command of all the Unix system principles. Everyone will gain exceptional experience in C language and insight into the wealth of the Unix system.


The aim is to write a complete compiler. One of the main aims of the project is to put students in a real-life working situation over a long period. They will have to constantly correct their mistakes, sometimes returning to the source of the project. The other aim is to learn to analyze, to carry out object-oriented programming with C++ and to implement design patterns (typical solutions to commonly occurring problems).

And also...

SQL (databases), C++ workshop (similar to the swimming pool but in object-oriented language), Java (a game to be coded in Java in one month), a Zelda-like game (similar to the famous game), Mac (programming for OSX), Open Ludo (open source project), mini-projects based on system functions...