EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique

Engineering Masters –
Diplôme d’Ingénieur

Minor subjects

Minor subjects are scheduled according to student interest, and therefore depend on the number of people registered.


Designing tools for medical practitioners and chemists in the field of research pertaining to new molecules or genomics.


From business plans to equity raising, legal procedures and intellectual property.


From engineering roles as part of a multi-skill human factor-oriented team to steering change management.


From mathematical modeling to financial markets and financial tool instantiation.


Impact of ICTs on geostrategy and role of the Internet as a tool of power for States.

Green IT

Sustainable development management and impact of information technology.

Home automation

From new piloting tools to ambient intelligence applications.

Innovation and technology transfer

How to identify an innovative idea and develop it until it is placed on the market.


From optimization to supply change management to electronic data interchange (EDI).

Medical computing

From electronic management of medical files to image processing, telemedicine and medical robotics.


From the development of nanomaterials to the latest applications (medicine, IT, space...).


From industrial applications to the future of consumer robotics to artificial intelligence projects.


From flow management to geolocation.