EPITA école d'ingénieurs en informatique


EPITA Research and Development Laboratory

The EPITA Research and Development Laboratory (LRDE) has gained international recognition through the work of its research staff and collaborations with scientific institutions such as the CNRS (National Council for Scientific Research), INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control), CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) and leading laboratories worldwide.


With finding innovative solutions as one of its key foci, LRDE maintains close ties with industrials through consultancy work, training and research contracts. Siemens Corporate Research with medical imagery using EPITA's image processing software OLENA and EMC on information management and storage with CAPTIVA are examples of such collaborations.

Our staff actively participates in joint research projects with the international academic community of researchers on major subjects of investigation such as: signal and image processing, scientific computing, probabilistic systems, software design and distributed computing. Common interests lay the foundations for long-term collaboration as with the University of Utrecht on Transformers or the University of Birmingham on Model Checking.