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Intertwining relationships between businesses and the school

Businesses are obvious partners and actively take part in the activities of the school:

  • The Development council and the Scientific council, in which high-level managers (Accenture, IBM,CIGREF, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, France Télécom, Société Générale, Syntec, Thalès) contribute to the development of the school programs and direction of research projects.
  • The FEMII, which is a traditional Forum at the heart of the campus, held each year, during which EPITA welcomes approximately 50 companies offering several hundred internships and first job offers.
  • Special weeks during which conferences are held three times a year on technological or career-related topics.

Business chairs (courses directly sponsored by companies)

  • Projects assigned to laboratories (applied research - 3IE, LSE - and fundamental research - LRDE).
  • Projects assigned to groups of students as part of their final-year projects for companies (PFEE or Research & Innovation Projects).
  • Classes given by experts from the business world as teachers or course pilots.

The training tax, paid each year, helps equip the school and its labs.
During their years at EPITA, students will be able to meet over 100 companies!

Internships to strengthen career plans

Internships are not secondary aspects of the students’ curriculum. They are an integral part and help them get their skills validated by both the company and the school and be awarded credits (ECTS).

2 to 3-month internship: work experience

As early as the end of the second year of the Bachelor Program, students gain work experience with a first compulsory internship. They write a report about it and present it orally.

5 to 6-month internship: IT project

This internship is carried out in France or abroad on a topic linked to computing and IT. It is the students’ first chance to truly apply the knowledge they picked up in the bachelor cycle and enables them to apply their skills to the needs and constraints of the company. This internship is paid (except in the case of research and charities). Students will have to write a report, defend the report orally and give a presentation.

6-month internship: professional engineering internship

This is a paid internship comparable to a standard position at a Master’s level. The topic is related to the job-specific skills chosen by the student. The topic has to be validated by the person in charge of the major course and the oral dissertation is decisive in the awarding of the degree. In 3 out of 4 cases, the internship directly leads to the company offering a permanent position. Students can choose to take up the offer, depending on their career plans and other offers made to them.

Year classes and business sponsors

Sponsoring, which was set up in 2006, is a chance each year for a company to share their experiences and vision of the future of computing with the students. After Bouygues Télécom, Cap Gemini, Hewlett Packard, Altran and Intel, it is SOGETI’s turn to sponsor the class of 2013, represented by their CEO, Mr Luc-François Salvador.

Bouygues Telecom particularly appreciates EPITA’s engineers’ in-depth knowledge of IT specializations, their communication skills and their readiness to join the business world. Therefore, Bouygues Telecom recruits each year many engineers and interns from EPITA.

It seemed natural for us to further develop the ties we have with this worthy school. Sponsoring a year class was an opportunity that we seized and we are very happy with the results.

By Frédéric Dehestru,
HR director at Bouygues Telecom’s IT department