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EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science

5 years to becomea professional engineer

EPITA is an engineering school in 5 years which prepares its students for the careers of computing engineering, in the main fields of tomorrow. The pedagogy of the school emphasizes projects, innovation and responsible risk-taking, international exposure and professionalization of its students. An EPITA engineer combines the qualities of a high-level IT expert and a manager opened to the future. He/She allies mastering of the new technologies, the spirit of the innovation, the flexibility of execution, self-knowledge and capacities of leadership in a national environment as international.

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Meet EPITA during the recruitment tour « Tu Maestria en Francia » in Mexico, from February 20th to 24th 2019.
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Joel Courtois

Do you wish to boost your career in IT and live an exciting experience in Paris? EPITA offers International Bachelors in Computer Science and executive level IT International Masters taught in English by the best European Experts! Information Systems, IT Management, Computer and Cyber Security and Software Engineering are our fields of expertise. Not only will you master IT but also cross-border management by interacting with more than 40 nationalities on campus. All our Graduates are hired prior to graduation. So, ready to come onboard ?

Joel Courtois

Managing Director

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EPITA Graduate
School of Computer Science

Born in 1984, EPITA School of Computer Science & Advanced Techniques) has been steadily gaining a reputation of excellence among multinational companies, which often recruit our students before the end of their studies. At EPITA, computing and information technologies are considered fundamental subjects and are always placed in the context of students' future managerial role and within the perspective of their position of responsibility.

  • Striving for Excellence

    As one of France's leading science and engineering schools, EPITA is committed to ensuring that all students have meaningful opportunities for personal growth and professional achievement.

    At EPITA, we seek the very best students, students dedicated to meeting the challenges we offer, students who have a taste for concrete achievement, a spirit of initiative, and very diverse centers of interest. 35 student clubs can attest to this. Some have existed for years, while others may last only a semester. It's a question of feeling and flexibility. EPITA is also what you make of it.

  • Networks

    EPITA is a member of IONIS Education Group, the largest group of private institutions of higher education in France.
    Bringing 19 schools together under the same banner, the IONIS Group has nearly 19,000 students in France, and reaches 200,000 students worldwide.

    EPITA is also an active member of the CampusFrance Organization, the European Erasmus exchange program and has signed agreements with technology institutes abroad.

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